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Ukrainian Mining Portal


"Mining Portal of Ukraine" - Gornoprom dot com, offers you information about the mining industry of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe and Asia, as well as further afield. The companies represented on the site are the manufacturers and suppliers of mining equipment, coal products, machinery and related equipment used in mining. Among the companies on the portal is reliable suppliers of mining equipment and coal products produced both in Ukraine and abroad. We have tried to collect information for you about the many companies whose activities are connected with the mining industry in order to save your time to search for particular equipment or coal.

List of mining enterprises granted in our business directory, and any products and equipment you can find by name in the board. To view the processes of mining we created "Mining", which presents articles on the organization of production, describing workflows, articles about the range of mining equipment and mining machinery. Detailed description of the characteristics and parameters used to distinguish between types of coal products can be found on the page "type of coal." Employees "of the mining portal" are tracking the progress of activities in the field of mining, information about which you can read in the pages of headings "Exhibitions". We'd love to hear from you any suggestions to improve the "Portal of Mines of Ukraine", the contacts are indicated our email addresses and phone numbers, call or write us and we will try together with you to improve the conditions of work in the difficult mining!

Carbon portal Classified ads will help you to buy or sell coal, equipment and other goods industries such as coal, oil and gas, fuel, mining, energy, etc. Ukraine, Russia and the CIS.

"Coal of Ukraine" - Mining Portal

Ads will help you buy or sell coal, machinery and other products of such industries as coal, mining, fuel, mining, energy, etc. of Ukraine, Russia and CIS. You can see the coal products offered by our company.
We are ready to offer to the implementation of coal following brands:
ASH - anthracite duff - fraction 0-6
AU - anthracite seed - fraction 6 -13
AM - anthracite small - fraction of 13 - 25
AO - anthracite nut - fraction 25-50
ACH - anthracite nut fist - Faction 25 - 100
AK - anthracite fist - Faction 50 - 100
Also sell coal brands GHD, DG, GR.
Details of the indicators can be found in topic - Buy coal.

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Спецтехника в Украине Журнал Уголь www.miningexpo.ru Казахстанский горнопромышленный портал МП Тендер Горный журнал Казахстана Дон-Сиб Поставка МП Тендер

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Ltd. "Carboplast" Lugansk - sale of coal products

The Mining and Industrial portal of Ukraine you will find suggestions and requests of the mining industry, on topics: coal, buy coal, coal price, mining equipment, the company offers a portal coal Vugіllya of Ukraine, drilling tools, production, coal, anthracite, purchase coal, coal Ukrainian coal in Ukraine, Ukraine, Russia, CIS, buy coal, anthracite coal portal, Ukraine coal price, coal, charcoal, anthracite, charcoal, activated carbon, steam coal, coal, Mining, equipment, industry, raw materials, mining equipment, coal, wood, buy coal, the website, the portal of the coal industry, mining industry, industry portal, anthracite coal to buy coal for the population, Polymers, Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhitomir, Kiev, Crimea, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad , Lutsk, Lviv, Mykolayiv, Odesa, Poltava, Rivne, Simferopol, Sumy, Ternopil, Uzhhorod, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi, Cherkasy, Donbass, Stamps coal briquettes, peat, wood, peat briquettes for sale equipment, husk briquettes, pellets, straw, pellets fuel, machinery, plant, excavation, biofuels, alternative fuels, energy, mining, mining, coke, coal mine, coal industry, catalog companies, 2011, the money of the Russian Federation, buy mine equipment market, machine, mining, sell coal, anthracite, Ukraine's economy, buying coal Ukraine, hammer, belt, Exhibitions, crushers, coal prices in Ukraine, charcoal production, buy charcoal, buy coal, coal supply, buy equipment, buy coal for export, coal, Forums, oil, services, coal type T, Ash, coal s, coal grade AB, construction companies, activated charcoal, activated carbon, buy coal for export, buy anthracite coal brands Ash, AS, AM, AO, AKO, AK, GHD, GH, M Mine, mining, CCM, Gough, price, price list, sale, refining, etc. We believe that placing a free ad in the Classified ads section on the website Coal in Ukraine, you will achieve maximum success in the development of your business!

Portal of the Mining industry in Ukraine - gornoprom.com
Selling of coal production.
Selling of the mountain-mine equipment.
Bulletin board.
The folder of the enterprises.
Forum of industrialists.
Exhibitions of the Mining industry.
Mining portal - the board of free advertisements will help you to buy or sell coal, the equipment and other production of such industries as coal, extracting, fuel, mountain, power etc. The administration of a portal of the Mining industry - gornoprom.com - offers placing of an advertizing banner of your enterprise on site pages Advertizing on a site "Coal in Ukraine" is an exact hit in the purpose for the enterprises of the mining industry, mechanical engineering, power. To order information placing it is possible by phone +38 0502074641, or to the address gornoprom.com@yandex.ru

Specifications of coal

Below is a transcript of the names of grades of coal:
A - anthracite coal, B - brown coal, D - gas coal;
D - long-flame coal, K - coking coal;
OS - caking coal otoschenny; F - bituminous coal;
SS - coal slabospekayuschiysya, T - lean coal.

At the end of the name brand of coal could be an abbreviation of OK (HC1, OK2), indicating the degree of oxidation. Also, depending on the degree of enrichment of the coals are divided into concentrate, middling, and sludges. Concentrates are generally used in boilers and generate electricity. Middling usually go for the needs of industry. From the sludge briquettes can be produced and sold in the retail public for personal use. Depending on the degree of coalification (metamorphism), there are brown coal, hard coal and anthracite. The lowest heat of combustion of brown coal in, and the highest - in anthracite. The most favorable price and the ratio of specific heats of combustion of fossil fuels have. Coals D, G and anthracite find their application, usually in the boiler, as they can burn without blowing. Coals SS, OS, and T are used to generate electricity, as They have a greater heat of combustion, but this type of burning coals due to technological difficulties, which are justified only in case of need large quantities of coal. The iron used is usually Grade G, M, for the production of steel and cast iron. Specification for the Labelling of coal coal can immediately determine their fraction:

P - (plate) more than 100 mm, K - (large) 50-100 mm;
O - (walnut), 25-50 mm, M - (small), 13-25 mm;
C - (seeds) 6-13 mm, W - (breeze), 0-6 mm;
P - (Private) mine 0-200 mm, 0-300 mm career.
The fraction of the coal grade is determined by the lower value of the smallest fraction and a larger value of the largest faction of the name brand of coal. For example, the fraction of DKOM grade (K - 50-100, The - 25-50, M - 13-25) of 13-100 mm.



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