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Coal sales UA RU

Sale of coal

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Sale of coal products

- AK AKO, AO, AM, AS, ASH, ASH, AT, DGR, CMB, T, TR, D, GJ, GR, F, K, CS, SS, OS, AVS, B, QOL, K2, HC1, HC2, G6, G17, KZH14, HOUSE, tO, MD, Dr., 3Br, OMSSH, WM, SS, PC, coal, sales of coal products, selling anthracite coal, buy coal, buy coal, bituminous coal, anthracite. Sale of coal production, sale of coal in Ukraine and abroad. The price of coal depends on the quality indicators, the volume of supplied coal products, as well as terms of delivery and payment of shipped coal cargo. To speed up the rendering of the cost of coal, please send an application for the purchase of coal to the address: antonukrpp@yandex.ru

We supply coal products brands: AA, ACH, AB, AM, AS, ASH, DB, DW, DGR, CMB, T, TR, D, GJ, GR, DGR, F, K Grade coal ASH (anthracite duff) fraction 0-6 mm. up to 20% ash, 12% moisture, sulfur 1-1.5% 3-7% volatile AC grade coal (anthracite Semeke) fraction 6-13 mm. Ash 15% moisture and 7%, sulfur 1-1.5% volatile 3-7 AM-grade coal (anthracite small) fraction 13-25 mm. Ash 15% to 7% moisture, sulfur 1-1.5% 3-7% volatile AB grade coal (anthracite nut) fraction 25-50 mm. 9% ash, moisture 8%, sulfur 1-1.5% 3-7% volatile AKO-grade coal (anthracite fist nut) fraction 25-100 mm. 8% ash, 8% moisture, sulfur 1-1.5% 3-7% volatile AK-grade coal (anthracite fist) fraction 50-100 mm. 8% ash, 8% moisture, sulfur 1-1.5% 3-7% volatile Long-flame coal and gas DG (0-200) DG (0-100) DG (0 - 13) DG (13-100) Indicators of coal can vary upon request.

Applications for the purchase of coal products, please send
by e-mail: antonukrpp@yandex.ru
Application should contain:
communicating indicators of quality of coal,
destination station,
details of the company payer
contact information.



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